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BodyCode System Certification

The outstanding feature of the BodyCode System® Certification Course is that each student is able to participate in instruction as it is experienced from the various perspectives of being a teacher, a student, and an observer. 
This approach guarantees you will emerge with a comprehensive understanding of the theory as well as confidence in your ability to provide concise and effective instruction.

Certification Courses & Workshop Info

Certification Courses & Workshop Info
We offer Master Stretch® and Elvis the BodyKey® Certification Courses. If you would like to get certified in both, join our Combined Intensive Course. Certification Courses are held in-person within the NJ/NYC area. Workshops are offered throughout the year as a way to refresh and expand your BodyCode training.

Why Get Certified?

Worldwide Recognition

a Certification allows you to incorporate BodyCode System methods into your practice and brings worldwide recognition to your credentials through BodyCode System's International Certification Program

Decode Movement Patterns

a Understanding the full potential of the system created by Pino Carbone, you will be capable of identifying complex movement patterns

Increase Functional Capacity

a Fitness, dance, athletic, and rehabilitation (physical therapy) professionals can increase the functional capacity of their clients in a very short time using BodyCode System's whole body approach to movement


“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”